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Methods To Have A Longer Lasting Fridge

A refrigerator is a kitchen investment that requires proper maintenance. It helps keeps our food cold and safe for human consumption for a longer period. How do you get a long and efficient life out of your fridge?
Regular cleaning and checking will reduce the maintenance cost and improve the functionality of the appliance. It is also important to enhance the energy efficiency as part of the strategy. After all, homeowners are seeking to reduce energy costs. Most people do not know that the most household appliances, inclusive of a fridge, consumes power as long it plugged into a wall socket, even when switched off.
Just like any other household appliance, it is important to maintain your fridge even if the warranty is still valid. If your fridge breaks, call a fridge repair Singapore contractor for repairs. Here are few maintenance strategies that will extend the life of your fridge.

1. Regular cleaning

Clean the fridge on the inside and outside on a regular basis. When you clean inside the fridge, switch it off first. Remove all the food items in the fridge before cleaning. Use water, mild detergent (optional) and a non-abrasive cleaning material during cleaning. Scrape off all the ice and ensure the fridge is completely dry before turning it on.

2. Condensers, vents and coils

Clean the condenser coils at the back of the fridge as they gather dust over time. Too much dust and dirt on the condenser increases energy expenditure.
Vacuum the vents and coils on a regular basis or once monthly. However, do not unplug the power cord at any time. Use baking soda to get rid of unpleasant odors. Cleaning should be done at least once a month.

3. Gaskets

Gaskets are found on the door of the refrigerator. They help keep the air on the inside cold and warmer temperatures on the outside. It is important to check the condition of the gaskets regularly.
How do you clean the gaskets? Use water and soap or vinegar. If the door is not properly closed, especially during hot weather, condensation of the gasket occurs. To prevent the condensation, apply some petroleum jelly on the gasket and remove anything that prevents the door from closing.

4. Reduce power consumption

Store food in air-tight containers as it reduces the amount of moisture accumulation. Reduction of moisture will reduce the energy consumption. Additionally, it prevents the fridge from smelling.
To reduce power consumption, ensure your fridge is far away as possible from your oven, stove or fireplace.

5. Freezer Maintenance

How do you maintain your freezer? Some freezers defrost themselves automatically. They have a drain hole that directs water into a drip pan. It is important to empty and clean the drip pan to prevent the unpleasant odor or stagnant water.

For freezers that require manual defrosting, defrosting should be done on a regular for the best performance. The frost level should not exceed a quarter inch. A thicker frost means high energy consumption as the cooling system tries to create and maintain a balance in the internal and external temperature.

Factors For Air Conditioning

It is rare for one to imagine buying an air conditioner during winter but when summer is at its optimum level, a hot and stuffy house is likely to be extremely uncomfortable. Having an ideal cooling system during such times helps you to evade sleepless nights. If you are prepared enough to overcome the heat, then note you are not alone. Over six million air conditioners are sold every year with 13% of an average household’s annual utility bill spent on cooling. This is courtesy of research conducted by Energy Star. Therefore, choosing the right air conditioner unit is very important. The following are factors you should consider before buying an AC through cat services.
Capacity: Depending on the size of the floor of your room, capacity of an AC should be taken into consideration. A perfect AC for 120×140 square feet room for instance is 1.5 ton.
Energy Efficiency: The gradual increase in electricity bill today is enough to explain why you should go for air conditioners that are energy efficient. ACs come with energy efficiency ratings represented with stars. Units with less stars consume more electricity than those with more star ratings.
Cost: Producers quote different prices for their products. Similarly prices for air conditioners are never the same as price tags for those with more stars are higher. You should therefore buy an AC that you can comfortably afford.
Air Quality: Before deploying an AC at your home, you should consider how to improve the indoor air quality. An air conditioner with a nice filter is very important in polishing the indoor air. This is because a good filter ensures that the air is clean and also improves the energy efficiency as well as the overall cooling performance of the system. Poor filters are associated with choking of the evaporator coil as a result of dust accumulation.
Before buying an AC, always ensure the electrical system of your home meets the power requirements. 115 –volt circuit is enough to run a single room unit but a big room unit may force you to install a dedicated circuit while larger room units with a rating of up to 230 volts require special circuits. For small rooms where the ideal position of an AC is only at the corner, one has to go for units that project airflow in one direction.
Other features you should consider include:
In-built timer.
Controls arranged in logical order.
Adjustable thermostat
Digital read-out for thermostat setting.
Filter that can easily slide out for regular cleaning.
Above all the considerations above, regular servicing of your air conditioner is paramount as this increases its lifespan. Imagine using an AC for up to 15 years without having to buy a new one! Air conditioners depend on heating and cooling mechanisms which definitely depreciates the whole system quickly if not properly maintained. Getting your system installed in good order and ensuring a team of experts keeps checking on a regular basis increases its life expectancy. Therefore, schedule a professional maintenance, say once in 3 months (quarterly) and ensure to clean your air filter regularly so as to avoid replacing the whole unit year in year out. After sales services like warranty should also be a priority before making an order.

Upholstery, A Truly Priceless Job

Upholstery is the use of fabric, leather, foam, cotton, and other materials to provide a covering for seats, ottomans and other types of furniture that traditionally would be used for sitting or resting. The art of upholstery can be traced back as far as the medieval age and earlier, when comfort became the fashion for those with an excess of wealth. Today, upholstery remains a relevant and well-respected craft.

Professional upholsterers begin their careers in a variety of ways. Many of the most successful upholsterers were exposed to the craft at an early age through a relative or friend. Oftentimes, as is the case with many old-style trade professions, the skill is passed down from generation to generation. Others begin their career in upholstery as hobbyists, recovering their own furniture and discovering they have a knack for the trade. Apprenticeships, while less common now, were very popular as a way of both learning the skills necessary to do the work and receiving hands on experience running a business. Some trade schools and community colleges offer upholstery classes.

No matter the avenue, perfecting skills as an upholsterer can take years and building a business that is profitable can take even longer. For most upholsterers with independent businesses, the majority of their orders come from independent clients looking to have pieces recovered. This process involves a number of steps and every upholsterer has a different process when it comes to working with clients. Typically, they hold a consultation with the client to discuss the client’s particular needs and preferences. They’ll discuss fabrics and, if the client has already chosen a fabric, whether or not the fabric choice presented is suitable for the client’s needs. Once they have decided on fabric and materials they will discuss design and details. Will the piece be traditional or more contemporary? Once all of the details are decided the upholsterer will begin the project. Some even offer upholstery cleaning! Every project requires something different, an antique piece may require some research to ensure that the style is keeping with the period. It may also require some restorative work to ensure that it can bear weight. Professional upholsterers are capable of creating intricate designs using buttons and stitching and a variety of different types of fabric and stuffing materials. Typically, a professional upholsterer will work out of a designated work space outfitted with tools and instruments specific to the craft, including an industrial sewing machine capable of easily handling the thick and durable fabrics typical of this type of project.
The time it takes to complete a project depends on the individual upholsterer and the intricacy of the project. Some projects, such as recovering a simple chair cushion, could take just a few hours while other projects, such as recovering an entire sofa, could take weeks or even months for a very busy studio. Cost depends on the same factors. Is your upholsterer a master craftsman? High level of craftsmanship and demand could drive the cost up. Is your piece very intricate and does it require specialized technique? This too could affect the cost. However, for most, great craftsmanship and technique are worth any added cost when working on a valuable piece of one with sentimental value. Whether you are looking to find a great upholsterer or are looking to become one yourself, it is easy to appreciate quality work from a master craftsman!

Problems That Arise With Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are mostly used on warehouses, kitchens, prisons, garages, and even vans to offer physical protection from external forces. Most of these roller shutters are operated by motors. There are several problems that associated with these type of shutters. Most of those problems and their solutions are listed below:
For motors to run, they require electricity. It is always important to check the roller shutter motor power connection. Sometimes the problem could be that it is switched off or there is a power blackout. Loose power connections may also cause the motor to malfunction. A thorough inspection of fuses, breakers and RCD’s is important. You could do all these by yourself or simply contact an electrician to assist you.
The presence of materials such as stones and pebbles in the shutter mechanisms might make it to get stuck. This might in turn lead to other problems such as overheating of the motor and even tripping. Such obstructions may either slow down the shutter movement or make it to stop completely. When this happens you can either manually remove the object causing the obstruction or seek the services of an expert. You can however avoid this situation by exercising caution at all times to ensure that there are no such obstructions.
Lack of Lubrication
Lack of lubrication will cause more friction on the moving parts leading to heating up, tear and wear, getting stuck and even breaking down of such parts. When lubricating do not overdo it; just apply enough lubricant on the moving part. Chain designed lubricants are recommended as opposed to oils and greases.
Tracks and rollers
It is important to keep tracks and roller clean. The accumulation of dirt on these surfaces may cause the door to get stuck or cause unnecessary hindrances. Keeping those surfaces clean will ensure a smooth operation during the opening and closing of the shutters. If the tracks break you can either fix it yourself or hire an expert.
Shutter springs
The main function of torsion springs on a shutter is to make the shutter lighter. The absence or breakage of those springs will make the door to feel heavier than normal. This can also happen when/if the springs lose their tension. When this happens it is important to check and replace the springs in question.
Sometimes the motor might overheat. When this happens, it is important to switch it off to allow it to cool. Such a situation might be caused by a number of reasons that have been mentioned above.
Uneven Movement
During opening or closing, the shutter movement maybe uneven. This can be caused by damaged slats or maybe an uneven barrel, if you are not able to determine or fix this problem, you can seek help from an expert.
Most shutter problems can be easily identified and fixed because they are mechanical problems. You can fix the problems by yourself or call an expert if they challenges proof to be taxing. As you may have noticed, most of the predicaments experienced are due to negligence and can be avoided by keeping vigil.

Possible Plumbing Emergencies

There are many things that cannot be anticipated. Some of those things include accidents and emergencies. Talking of emergencies, I have encountered some during my day to day activities. Here in this article however, I am going to inform you of my first time experience of a plumbing emergency. As it is an emergency, obviously I did not see it coming. I had to make a quick right decision before things moved from bad to worse. But before I give details of how to handle plumbing emergencies, I will give some scenarios and examples of the same.
What are some of the example of plumbing emergencies?
There are emergencies that whose causes are clearly visible like for instance I could see that a water pipe is clearly leaking thereby pouring water everywhere. In other cases though, there were other plumbing mishaps that were unnoticeable. While I could clearly see that something is wrong because water was overflowing everywhere, it was not be easy to tell the exact place where the water was coming from. Especially where the pipes were placed in hidden places for example ceiling boards. Some of those examples are discussed below;

Freezing of pipes

Plumbing emergencies can be as a result of the pipes freezing. When this happens, the pipes may break and leakage starts to occur. If the problem is not sort out sooner, more damaged is caused.

Breaking of sump pump

Another type of plumbing emergency singapore is where the sump pump breaks and flooding of water all over the place is caused. When ignored or not notice at earlier stages more damage will definitely happen and in that case it will only mean more repair cost will be incurred.
In all of the two above scenarios of plumbing emergencies and others that may not have been mentioned, there is need for a professional plumber to be involved. In my case, I tried to fix the leakages by fixing them myself with the aim of avoiding extra costs but that is what exactly happened. I ended up incurring more plumbing repair costs that I could have if I had involved the services of an experienced professional plumber earlier.
Why is there need to hire a professional plumber?
It is very necessary that when there is a plumbing emergency a professional plumber is involved. For instance in my case, it was my first time experiencing such kind of an emergency. My major undoing was trying to fix the problem by myself. I noticed it is important to seek help because of the following reasons;


With a professional plumber, efficiency is guaranteed. With the needed experience, the problem can be found can be easily found and be sort out.


After I hired a professional plumber, my drainage and plumbing problems were fixed. From then on I have never experienced any emergency with regards to plumbing problems. I do not guarantee that this is lifetime solution but it is definitely a long term solution.
Especially for first time experience on plumbing emergencies, the help of a professional plumber should be sort out. This guarantees efficiency and durability amongst many other benefits.

Choosing The Best Type Of Awning For Your Business

Among excellent investments in business is investing on an awning. Despite it being easy and quite inexpensive to change the flowers or color of the wall of your business, awning works best as it does not require frequent changing. To make the best choice of the best awning design to invest on, you need knowledgeable awning supplier singapore. This also includes considering the type of business you running be it a bakery, a boutique, gym, sports bar or even a computer repair business. The following steps leads to choosing the best awning design for your business:

What is your budget?
For any commercial investment, establishing the amount of money you would like to spend is the first step. The price of awning is effecting by the material and size aspired to be bought for example, awning automatically retracting goes for a higher price compared to a permanently fixed awning. Therefore, when dealing with installers, price factor should be a consideration.

Goals of the awning.
Secondly, state why you plan to add an awning. The possible goals could be: to improve the exterior business premise’s appearance, for weather protection especially for building visitors, it could be a way to advertise by enhancing visibility of the business or else to make maximum use of the outdoor space.

How the awning will function.
After stating the goals which could be all of the above mentioned, the step that follows is considering how you would like your awning to function. The options could be, awning permanently fixed at one position or remotely manually retractable or else be an umbrella or standalone canopy. Another consideration could be, will the awning be lit and if yes, will it be lit from the back or the front?

In choosing the awning design, the expected lifespan of the awning is also a consideration. Is the awning to serve you for many years or few years? However, the design chosen be it long term or short term serving, it should be weather proof, UV resistant and its reliability should be stable.

Creativity on design and professional consultation.
This stage now ensures awning design chosen is unique as per your business since you would like awning to enhance your business visibility. Seeking advice from professionals greatly assists in this to help you choose awning design that could serve several stylistic and functional ways and as well work with your budget. Some of the things you would think about for uniqueness could be: Incorporating official graphics and colors, metal or fabric choices, what projection and width works best for your awning and also mounting and finishing designs. In consideration of long serving awning, the outside beauty should not outdo your consideration of the underpinnings of the awning which are structural design, installation techniques and structural design.

Choosing the company to offer the design.
When choosing the company to offer the design, you need to check around for a company with well-known and established reputation, a company named among the top-notch companies, a company that can offer sound and well experienced advice on awning design. This company to be termed best should be able to offer latest manufacturing capabilities and latest graphics and as well accompany the providence with professionals to help in production process such as installation. As well consider a company with a showroom to enable you view several fabric samples and a company with detailed renderings to enable you go through the service you just about to receive before approving the service. Choose a company that will first check your business location to know about the possible environmental or weather factors of the location. The company to choose as best should as well accommodate your budget such that, you will not be forced to buy extras but instead provide creative and useful suggestions in line with your budget and even at petty budget, the company will still provide high quality for your project.

To achieve the best, you should highly insist on personalized service and superior quality in each step. Through this, you will be assured of the best design and all your specifications of the project will be precisely completed as expected and in time. Finally, before purchasing the awning, get to know your zoning restrictions as some might include getting LPC permits before any installation.

Why Is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important

Your carpet needs regular cleaning. That ensures your family and pets stay healthy and safe. However, most people think they can save money cleaning their carpets by themselves. It can help you cut costs in the short-term, but it can end up shortening the lifespan of your expensive carpet. Carpet cleaning is a time consuming and tedious activity.
It means if you have a busy schedule, you may not have time to clean it properly. The best way is by contacting your regular carpet cleaning service. This post gives you 5 reasons why you should hire these carpet cleaning services.
Methods and Products
• One reason you should contact carpet cleaning services is their variety of items and methods they use to clean your carpet. Many companies advertise how safe their cleaning products are.
• They might help you clean your carpet fast, but they may also be harmful to your family, pets and the environment. Regular carpet cleaning companies ensure that they use safe products. That ensures you avoid cases of illnesses out of you using harmful products.
Clean Air
• Regular carpet cleaning singapore services ensure that they leave your home’s air clean to breathe. That’s because if you try vacuuming your carpet, you may end up with harmful allergens circulating inside your indoor air, for example, dust mites and dust.
• The result is an increase in allergies and asthma. Carpet cleaning companies ensure they eliminate these harmful allergens and also disinfect your carpet. That ensures your home is free of them.
Professional Staff
• Another advantage of carpet cleaning services is that they employ professional staff. They are highly trained on the best cleaning methods. Your carpets may be of different fabrics.
• It means you need to clean them using various methods. They also know which type of cleaning solutions to use. Carpet cleaning companies also ensure they train their staff on the latest cleaning techniques.
• Another benefit of hiring regular carpet cleaning services is that they save you time. That’s because cleaning carpets is a tedious and time-consuming activity.
• You want to enjoy your free time. It means you need to contact carpet cleaning services. They not only leave your carpet clean, but they also ensure that it smells fresh and looks appealing.
• Carpet cleaning services also use the latest equipment when it comes to cleaning your carpet. Keep in mind that some of their equipment may not be available in retail stores.
• They also invest more in equipment compared to what most homeowners are willing to spend. They use these machines when cleaning large carpets, for example, institutional carpets. That means their services are efficient and fast.
What to Do
• Consider hiring carpet cleaning services with physical addresses within your locality. That ensures you can reach them quickly for emergencies.
• Ask for written quotes. That’s because some companies may change their quotes when talking over phones and after finishing the carpet cleaning job.
• Consider temporary relocation if you have people with allergies in your home. That’s because they may get exposed to strong fragrances or chemical solutions.
The above guide on reasons why you should hire a carpet cleaning service should make you consider contacting them. Check their online reviews and plan your budget for the best results.

Kitchen Appliance Can Be Very Dangerous

When you think of the coffee pot sitting on the counter you always want to make sure it is off. If you used the toaster oven this morning then you could have forgotten to turn it off. I always check everything that is in the house before I leave. You need to make sure when you leave the house nothing is on. Most house fires are caused because of some type of kitchen appliance. Never leave the house if you leave the oven on. Want to cook a good meal for supper then you need to use a crock pot or a roaster oven. This will keep you safer and your home in tacked when you get home. Some of the appliance that you have in your home can be very dangerous because of the heat that comes from them. No one everything remembers everything unless you have a million sticky notes laying around and look at them constantly.
Kids will leave things hooked up so when they get home they can play on it. Before I leave my house I make sure me and the kids have everything unplugged that does not need to be plugged up. They say when you are not charging a phone or using an appliance to unplug it because it can over heat and cause a fire. Just look at all the chargers and phones that catch fire.

Think if you left your coffee pot on if your animal got on the counter and knocked it over. How would you know? Thinking about things like this makes my body crawl because of how much you lose when something catches on fire. So when you leave the house make sure everything that is not being used is unplugged and everything is off.
I love the fact that they have come up with the appliances that will shut off after so long or that shuts off if it is knocked over. If you are anything like me you forget easily and always have to go back and check. I would rather check six times before I have a house fire that makes me in debt and no where to go with nothing to my name. Teach your kids things that will remind them to make sure their appliance unplugged because it is not just the kitchen items that tend to catch fire. One thing that is the main house fire reasons is the kitchen area because everything is plugged up or going so you can cook or other things, causing electrical problems, needing an electrician Singapore.

Having an appliance on the counter beside papers is not good either. Misusing these items will have you causing problems for not only you but who ever else lives in your home. I am worlds worst at making coffee and leaving it on so I can go back to it and it still be warm.

Bad habits will have you regretting you choice in doing this. My husband will tell me ten times before leaving the house to check everything. Thank goodness that he does.

Recording & Storing CCTV Footage

A CCTV security system is a great investment to keep the business safe. It has the capabilities to record video footage in certain areas. The camera can either stay still and only start recording when the motion sensor has been set off. There are cameras that move and scan an area constantly while it is recording. These are both good options for stable and high-quality security. The security systems that are constantly recording, are going to have a lot of video footage saved. It would be a better idea to have some help when wanting to save an abundance of security footage from the CCTV system.

When choosing the best way to store the recorded video surveillance, you will want to figure out the convenient way to do this. You may also want to consider the type of budget that has to work with. One way to store the recorded video storage is to purchase a DVR recorder from the company that you purchased the CCTV system from. This is to ensure that the DVR and the recordable security cameras are compatible with preserving the footage that has been previously recorded. You can transfer the recorded surveillance onto the DVR. This will allow you to review it in the future if need be. You can even categorize the footage that is being stored on the DVR. Having the ability to categorize the video footage, will help find it quickly at a later date.

A DVR recorder is a great device to use with multiple cameras recording video footage. The multiple cameras can be hooked up to the DVR and the footage will be safely stored on the DVR recorder. The footage from multiple cameras can be reviewed and categorized for easier access. It will keep all of the recorded data secure without any issues or misplacement. This is a great way to keep all the recorded footage and to be able to retrieve it in a timely manner when needed.

Another way to store the CCTV video footage is to place it in the cloud. The cloud has an abundance of storage and can be accessed from any location. The footage will stay safe and does not require any type of hard drive or disc for storage ability. It does not take up room on the company PC’s, hard drives, or external storage devices. The cloud is safe and secure for complete storage. You can set up how and when you want the footage to be automatically saved in the cloud. If you want to do this on a weekly basis, that would be a good plan. This will help to get yourself into a routine and keep all the recorded security in a safe environment. Some businesses may choose to have a week’s worth of security recording saved in the cloud every Friday. This will allow the beginning of each work week to have a fresh, clean recording ability and will only take a short time to retrieve the footage.

The cloud and DVR recorder are both professional options to store recorded video from the cctv singapore security system. The footage will stay in one place and can be easily retrieved for viewing at a later time. It will save space on the business hard drive and allow the other PC’s to function properly without being cluttered with video footage.

The Right Way To Use A Fire Extinguisher

It is a preventive measure to have the apartment building installed with safety equipment like smoke detectors, alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to warn you of an emergency, and fire extinguishers to help you combat fire in case of an outbreak.

Being familiar on how to properly use a fire extinguisher singapore is very important as you can save lives and prevent property loss. The basics of extinguishing the fire using a fire extinguisher is following the PASS tactic that is: Pulling the pin, Aiming the hose at the source of the fire, Squeezing of the lever, and Sweeping the hose from side to side till the fire is completely extinguished.

But before you get hold of a fire extinguisher and using it, the first thing you should do is to weigh if you it is possible or not to combat the fire, and whether you can manage to put ot off completely. If you determine that it is not possible to combat it, it is advisable to immediately exit the premises and contact the fire department for some assistance.

Steps of using the fire extinguisher

Start by exiting everybody from the building. Never should you intent to combat fire alone using a fire extinguisher until the last person has left the building safely. Another thing to know is that you can start combating the fire if you have a clear exit route.

Contact the fire department. Prior to start combating a fire emergency, begin by contacting the fire department and explaining to them the emergency, the exact location, the address, and the names of the nearby buildings or road. Also, do not cut the phone call till you are instructed to do by the operator who received it.

Opt for fire extinguisher if the fire is small. Actually fire extinguishers are designed to combat small contained fires, and not huge ones. It is advisable to combat fires that have flames which are smaller than you. On contrary, consider exiting immediately if the fire is spreading or the flames are much taller then you.

Exit a room full of smoke. It is against the odds to combat fire alone when the room is full of smoke. This is because the smoke can make you unconscious when inhaled.

Suppose the room is filled with smoke, take a wet cloth and cover the nose and mouth while maintaining on the floor. The reason for this is that smoke is less dense than oxygen, so it will be above the floor and oxygen will be near the floor. Once at the floor, try to crawl out of the room.

Select the correct fire extinguisher. Actually, there exists different types of fire extinguishers. The difference pops in with the kind of dousing agent it has to combat particular fire class. Using a wrong extinguisher to put off fire can actually be dangerous by making it become even fiercer. It is important to be aware of the type of fire to be put off and to also have the correct extinguisher.

Class A: this type is used to put off fires caused by plastics, cloth, paper and wood. These extinguishers have foam and water as dousing agent
Class B: it puts off oil, gasoline, and grease fires. The dousing agent is carbon dioxide or a dry chemical.
Class C: it is suitable for extinguishing electrical fires. These extinguishers are filled with carbon dioxide or a dry chemical as the dousing agent.
Class D: it puts off combustible metals. The dousing agent here is a powdered chemical that is dry.
Class K: it extinguishes grease, oil, and kitchen fires. A dry or wet chemical can be used as a dousing agent
Class ABC: this type of extinguisher functions in putting off all classes of fires; A, B, and C. the dousing agent a dry chemical.