Factors For Air Conditioning

It is rare for one to imagine buying an air conditioner during winter but when summer is at its optimum level, a hot and stuffy house is likely to be extremely uncomfortable. Having an ideal cooling system during such times helps you to evade sleepless nights. If you are prepared enough to overcome the heat, then note you are not alone. Over six million air conditioners are sold every year with 13% of an average household’s annual utility bill spent on cooling. This is courtesy of research conducted by Energy Star. Therefore, choosing the right air conditioner unit is very important. The following are factors you should consider before buying an AC through cat services.
Capacity: Depending on the size of the floor of your room, capacity of an AC should be taken into consideration. A perfect AC for 120×140 square feet room for instance is 1.5 ton.
Energy Efficiency: The gradual increase in electricity bill today is enough to explain why you should go for air conditioners that are energy efficient. ACs come with energy efficiency ratings represented with stars. Units with less stars consume more electricity than those with more star ratings.
Cost: Producers quote different prices for their products. Similarly prices for air conditioners are never the same as price tags for those with more stars are higher. You should therefore buy an AC that you can comfortably afford.
Air Quality: Before deploying an AC at your home, you should consider how to improve the indoor air quality. An air conditioner with a nice filter is very important in polishing the indoor air. This is because a good filter ensures that the air is clean and also improves the energy efficiency as well as the overall cooling performance of the system. Poor filters are associated with choking of the evaporator coil as a result of dust accumulation.
Before buying an AC, always ensure the electrical system of your home meets the power requirements. 115 –volt circuit is enough to run a single room unit but a big room unit may force you to install a dedicated circuit while larger room units with a rating of up to 230 volts require special circuits. For small rooms where the ideal position of an AC is only at the corner, one has to go for units that project airflow in one direction.
Other features you should consider include:
In-built timer.
Controls arranged in logical order.
Adjustable thermostat
Digital read-out for thermostat setting.
Filter that can easily slide out for regular cleaning.
Above all the considerations above, regular servicing of your air conditioner is paramount as this increases its lifespan. Imagine using an AC for up to 15 years without having to buy a new one! Air conditioners depend on heating and cooling mechanisms which definitely depreciates the whole system quickly if not properly maintained. Getting your system installed in good order and ensuring a team of experts keeps checking on a regular basis increases its life expectancy. Therefore, schedule a professional maintenance, say once in 3 months (quarterly) and ensure to clean your air filter regularly so as to avoid replacing the whole unit year in year out. After sales services like warranty should also be a priority before making an order.