Methods To Have A Longer Lasting Fridge

A refrigerator is a kitchen investment that requires proper maintenance. It helps keeps our food cold and safe for human consumption for a longer period. How do you get a long and efficient life out of your fridge?
Regular cleaning and checking will reduce the maintenance cost and improve the functionality of the appliance. It is also important to enhance the energy efficiency as part of the strategy. After all, homeowners are seeking to reduce energy costs. Most people do not know that the most household appliances, inclusive of a fridge, consumes power as long it plugged into a wall socket, even when switched off.
Just like any other household appliance, it is important to maintain your fridge even if the warranty is still valid. If your fridge breaks, call a fridge repair Singapore contractor for repairs. Here are few maintenance strategies that will extend the life of your fridge.

1. Regular cleaning

Clean the fridge on the inside and outside on a regular basis. When you clean inside the fridge, switch it off first. Remove all the food items in the fridge before cleaning. Use water, mild detergent (optional) and a non-abrasive cleaning material during cleaning. Scrape off all the ice and ensure the fridge is completely dry before turning it on.

2. Condensers, vents and coils

Clean the condenser coils at the back of the fridge as they gather dust over time. Too much dust and dirt on the condenser increases energy expenditure.
Vacuum the vents and coils on a regular basis or once monthly. However, do not unplug the power cord at any time. Use baking soda to get rid of unpleasant odors. Cleaning should be done at least once a month.

3. Gaskets

Gaskets are found on the door of the refrigerator. They help keep the air on the inside cold and warmer temperatures on the outside. It is important to check the condition of the gaskets regularly.
How do you clean the gaskets? Use water and soap or vinegar. If the door is not properly closed, especially during hot weather, condensation of the gasket occurs. To prevent the condensation, apply some petroleum jelly on the gasket and remove anything that prevents the door from closing.

4. Reduce power consumption

Store food in air-tight containers as it reduces the amount of moisture accumulation. Reduction of moisture will reduce the energy consumption. Additionally, it prevents the fridge from smelling.
To reduce power consumption, ensure your fridge is far away as possible from your oven, stove or fireplace.

5. Freezer Maintenance

How do you maintain your freezer? Some freezers defrost themselves automatically. They have a drain hole that directs water into a drip pan. It is important to empty and clean the drip pan to prevent the unpleasant odor or stagnant water.

For freezers that require manual defrosting, defrosting should be done on a regular for the best performance. The frost level should not exceed a quarter inch. A thicker frost means high energy consumption as the cooling system tries to create and maintain a balance in the internal and external temperature.