Problems That Arise With Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are mostly used on warehouses, kitchens, prisons, garages, and even vans to offer physical protection from external forces. Most of these roller shutters are operated by motors. There are several problems that associated with these type of shutters. Most of those problems and their solutions are listed below:
For motors to run, they require electricity. It is always important to check the roller shutter motor power connection. Sometimes the problem could be that it is switched off or there is a power blackout. Loose power connections may also cause the motor to malfunction. A thorough inspection of fuses, breakers and RCD’s is important. You could do all these by yourself or simply contact an electrician to assist you.
The presence of materials such as stones and pebbles in the shutter mechanisms might make it to get stuck. This might in turn lead to other problems such as overheating of the motor and even tripping. Such obstructions may either slow down the shutter movement or make it to stop completely. When this happens you can either manually remove the object causing the obstruction or seek the services of an expert. You can however avoid this situation by exercising caution at all times to ensure that there are no such obstructions.
Lack of Lubrication
Lack of lubrication will cause more friction on the moving parts leading to heating up, tear and wear, getting stuck and even breaking down of such parts. When lubricating do not overdo it; just apply enough lubricant on the moving part. Chain designed lubricants are recommended as opposed to oils and greases.
Tracks and rollers
It is important to keep tracks and roller clean. The accumulation of dirt on these surfaces may cause the door to get stuck or cause unnecessary hindrances. Keeping those surfaces clean will ensure a smooth operation during the opening and closing of the shutters. If the tracks break you can either fix it yourself or hire an expert.
Shutter springs
The main function of torsion springs on a shutter is to make the shutter lighter. The absence or breakage of those springs will make the door to feel heavier than normal. This can also happen when/if the springs lose their tension. When this happens it is important to check and replace the springs in question.
Sometimes the motor might overheat. When this happens, it is important to switch it off to allow it to cool. Such a situation might be caused by a number of reasons that have been mentioned above.
Uneven Movement
During opening or closing, the shutter movement maybe uneven. This can be caused by damaged slats or maybe an uneven barrel, if you are not able to determine or fix this problem, you can seek help from an expert.
Most shutter problems can be easily identified and fixed because they are mechanical problems. You can fix the problems by yourself or call an expert if they challenges proof to be taxing. As you may have noticed, most of the predicaments experienced are due to negligence and can be avoided by keeping vigil.